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Santino was founded in 1992 in Brazil, starting our story as a travel product manufacturer. Our history shows how we have been built as a company with values of reliability, innovation and renovation, developing revolutionary features in travel products, leading industry trends and, most importantly, satisfying our customers’ needs and wants.
Santino has consolidated its market position in Brazil as a leading brand in the travel and fashion industries. Now, Santino is bringing business from Brazil to North America.

30 years of journey

We design, manufacture and distribute different types of luggage, as well as briefcases, handbags, accessories, and all sorts of backpacks from business to hiking to kids’ backpacks.
In an increasingly interconnected world, global companies have more opportunities than ever before. As the leading Brazilian brand with over 30 years of ground-breaking and constant innovation, Santino is the proud flag bearer of growth and innovation in the global market. Our commitment to staying miles ahead, coupled with our veteran experience in transforming travel products, allows us to expand in new markets and continue to exceed travelers’ expectations worldwide.

Resilience, reliability, renovation, Our core values

- Donna Ling

Brief History

1992 - Establishment In Brazil

Santino is a Brazilian brand established in 1992, leading in the market for decades in the production of an extensive range of travel products such as suitcases, briefcases, handbags, backpacks and accessories.

1993 - Product With Innovation

In 1993, Santino continued to innovate the concept of luggage by introducing features such as shoulder straps for easy carrying and angle brackets to enhance the structure and security of their products. Within a year of our debut, Santino expanded our sales to the entire territory of Brazil.

1995 - New Security Feature

In 1995, Santino created a new security standard to its travel line by introducing zippers with a padlock ring feature and support corner points, which provided even more security for our customers. 1995 was also marked by a significant milestone as Santino expanded to 1,000 points of sale and opened 25 representative offices.

1997 - Double Wheels As Leading Features

In 1997, Santino introduced a groundbreaking innovation
that surprised the market: with the introduction of larger luggage featuring trolleys, support points and double wheels, the company revolutionized the luggage market and set a new standard for convenience and comfort. Santino became known as a synonym for quality throughout Brazil.

1998 - Brand Visual Update

The year 1998 was marked by a significant visual update for the Santino brand, resulting in a more expressive, robust and impactful representation, strengthening its presence and reinforcing its reputation as a leading player in the industry.

1999 - Launch EVA Suitcase

In 1999, Santino once again revolutionized the market with the launch of the EVA suitcase, bringing a new world of shapes, colors and features, as well as completely changing the market’s concept of a suitcase. In the same year, Santino also developed the card lock to enhance the security of each suitcase.

2001 - Debut In Fashion Fairs

In 2001, Santino debuted at the largest fashion fairs in Brazil, showcasing its comprehensive range of products. In addition, Santino launched a new line of polycarbonate suitcases, which proved to be a major success for their durability with the breaking of sales records.

2002 - Francal International Fair and Trade Show

In 2002, Santino participated in Brazil’s largest accessories fair, once again showcasing its full range of products. The company stood out as the most sought after by customers throughout the event. Santino celebrated its 10th anniversary by debuting the Francal international fair and trade show.

2003 - Launch Queen Paris Brand

In 2003, Santino launched Queen Paris, a new brand for women’s handbags. The brand quickly gained popularity and success in the market. Additionally, the company introduced backpacks with trolleys, wheels and a laptop compartment for the first time, which were also a huge success and quickly sold out.

2005 - Padlocks As New Feature

In 2005, Santino launched password padlocks as a new standard feature on Santino luggage products.

2006 - TV Actress Helena Ranaldi Enlistment

Santino achieved a major milestone in 2006 with the partnership of the Brazilian actress Helena Ranaldi. Renowned for her performances in telenovelas, Santino chose her to be the face of the Queens handbag campaign. In the same year, Santino also launched a backpack featuring a built-in laptop compartment, providing greater convenience and ease of use for customers.

2007 - Queens Women's Handbag Success

In 2007, the Queens handbag line achieved remarkable success in sales, establishing itself as a prominent player in the fashion industry. To enhance its image and appeal to a wider audience, the brand teamed up with another well-known actress Carol Castro, who became the spokesperson for the Queens handbag line. Through her endorsement, Carol Castro not only reinforced the brand’s prestige but also added to the elegance and sophistication that made the Queens handbags even more desirable.

2008 - Playboy, Ben 10, Fairly Odd Parents Brand Product

2008 was a year of major achievements for Santino, marked by new licenses from popular brands including Playboy, Ben 10 and Fairly Odd Parents. Santino also celebrated the opening of a new showroom which provided an impressive showcase for its extensive product line.

2009 - TV Actress Vanessa Giacomo Enlistment

In 2009, Santino continued to strengthen its brand with the partnership with popular actress Vanessa Giácomo as another spokesperson for the Queens bags campaign. In addition, the company
continued to set new standards with the introduction of a three-wheeled children’s backpack.

2010 - Fernanda Paes Leme As Face of Santino Brand

In 2010, actress Fernanda Paes Leme became the face of Santino’s travel bags and suitcases campaign.

2011 - New Distribution Center in Itajai - Santa Catarina

In 2011, Santino celebrated its expansion with the opening of a new distribution center in Itajaí, a port city in the state of Santa Catarina. The new 10,000 square meters (107,693 square feet) center provided the company with an increased capacity to manage and distribute its products.

2012 - Partner With Popular Faces

In 2012, Santino partnered with the protagonist couple of several soap operas Vanessa Giacomo and Carlos Casagrande as the faces of the brand’s new campaign. This move helped to further elevate the brand’s prestige and appeal.

2013 - Launch Super Light Suitcase

In 2013, Santino was invited to partner with a soap opera and launched a collection of exclusive bags to be used by the characters on the show. Expanding its product line with a new jewelry box, Santino also launched the first super-light suitcases in the Brazilian market.

2014 - Partner of FIFA World Cup

In 2014, Santino was invited by FIFA to be a partner during the World Cup with the support of Brazil’s largest TV broadcaster, Globo. Santino launched an exclusive line of World Cup products, which included the participation of actors Thiago Rodrigues and Bruna Marquezine.

2015 - Shirley Mallmann As New Face of Quees Paris Brand

In 2015, one of Brazil’s most renowned and international models, Shirley Mallmann, made her debut as the face of the Queens handbag collection, showcasing Queens’ commitment to luxury.

A New Line of Mixed ABS and Polycarbonate Suitcases

Santino also launched new lines of mixed material (ABS and polycarbonate or ABS and EVA) suitcases, which were easy to clean and offered greater resistance and a variety of unique, beautiful colors. These suitcases also came
equipped with a metal latch lock that requires a numeric key and can require additional keys for enhanced security.

2016 - Regional Fairs SICC, Zero Grau, 40 Degrees

In 2016, Santino continued to expand its presence in the market by participating in regional fairs. This increased the company’s presence in more states across Brazil, showing its commitment to reaching new customers and exceeding any expectations.

2017 - Launch New Young Line Miss by Queens

In 2017, Santino launched a series of glamorous campaigns for its Queens handbag collection, featuring Shirley Baum on the cover of Vogue Brazil. The company also launched a new l ine for young women called Miss by Queens, which was represented by none other than Miss Rio Grande do Norte.

2018 - Partner With Adriane Galisteu

In 2018, Santino continued to expand its product offerings with the launch of new lines and collaborations. One of them was the partnership with Adriane Galisteu, one of Brazil’s greatest models, who launched her own handbag brand with Santino. Additionally, the company launched a new line of polypropylene suitcases that do not crack and are flexible and resilient.

2019 - Jean Paul Gaultier As New Face of Queen Paris Handbag

In 2019, Santino continued to elevate its brand image and expand its product offerings. This included a collaboration with French stylist Jean Paul Gaultier, who chose Paolla Rahmeier, known as the “Brazilian Brigitte Bardot”, as the face of the Queens handbag collection. This partnership glamorously bore fruit to the launch of new, highly- sophisticated handbag collections that were specifically designed to meet the needs of the most discerning customers.

2020 - Partner Sports Brand Mormaii

In 2020, Santino continued to expand its product offerings with the licensing of Mormaii, one of the largest sports brands in Brazil, and the launch of partnerships with digital influencers. Learn More

2021 - Launch New E-Commerce Platform During Pandemic

In 2021, faced with the challenges of the pandemic, Santino adapted to the changing market by launching its
e-commerce platform, including B2B(business to business) and B2C(business to customer) options to reach our customers despite lockdowns. Despite the challenges, the brand remained present in the media, showcasing its resilience and dedication to its customers.

2022 - 30th Year Celebration of Success

In 2022, Santino marked its 30th year in business with a year full of celebration and exciting design innovations in the travel and executive product lines. With the recovery of the economy, Santino continued to thrive and build on its 30 years of success in Brazil.

2023 - Expansion To North America Market

In 2023, Santino made a significant expansion into the American market, offering our products through both e-commerce and wholesale channels. In that same year, Santino was granted full authorization and certification by the TSA to use our custom locks worldwide on its products in the global market.

Our Vision

We are proud to offer an extensive range of products that combine a unique design with outstanding features. Our products are lighter, more durable, and provide improved interior space, making them the perfect companion for any journey.
We’re not just committed to meeting the needs of our customers –– we aim to redefine their expectations and enhance their lifestyle. By delivering exceptional products, using dynamic marketing tactics, and maintaining an efficient distribution network, Santino has established itself as a market leader in Brazil.
We’re always at the forefront of innovation, showcasing our products and ideas at leading industry fairs and events. With 45 sales teams, 105 technical support locations, and a network of 8,000 sales points across the country, we’re well-equipped to provide excellent service to our customers.
Our success in Brazil has inspired us to expand globally, and we’re excited to introduce Santino to the world as a top brand for travel and fashion products.

Be Your Essential Partner

At Santino, we’re dedicated to being a reliable, trustworthy, and sincere partnership. We believe in the power of collaboration and strive to work with our business partners in a win-win mode, mutually growing our businesses together. In the fiercely competitive travel product industry, building a wide network is essential to distributing products and bringing value to partners.
We always place our partners’ benefits as a high priority. We’re committed to bringing the best products and services to our partners, empowering them to succeed in their business. We understand that our success is tied to our partners’ success, and we work persistently to support and grow their business.
By working closely with our partners, we’re able to better understand their needs, identify opportunities for improvement, and create customized solutions that deliver real value. We take pride in building long-lasting partnerships based on trust, transparency, and a shared commitment to excellence.


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