1. How to pack a 23kg suitcase - CHOOSING THE RIGHT MODEL

    Checked bags that can weigh up to 23kg usually have dimensions of 50 x 80 x 28cm (length x width x height), known as the medium (M) size of a travel suitcase. Therefore, look for a good quality model that fits these measurements.

    The material of the suitcase can be flexible, semi-rigid, or rigid. The flexible material is more common and recommended for carry-on luggage. Semi-rigid suitcases are the most common in the market, ensuring waterproofness but making cleaning more difficult. Finally, when we talk about medium or large suitcases, even though they are heavier and less malleable materials, the most recommended are rigid materials that provide extra protection for transported items.

    Santino Suitcase

    You should also evaluate the organization of the suitcase's internal spaces. Internal compartments and divisions are recommended as they facilitate the organization of items and increase practicality when you need to store something that should be at hand (in this case, in external pockets).

    Choose models with 4 or 5 wheels with a 360º rotation to facilitate the transport and movement of the suitcase. Read more articles from the blog: Efficient suitcase: how to pack yours!

    2. How to pack a 23kg suitcase - WHAT TO PACK?

    Destination, length of stay, climate, and access to laundry are determining factors when deciding what to pack. You should decide on your clothes based on your travel plan, thinking about each activity and commitment. Prefer versatile pieces that combine with each other, forming different looks. If you don't wear a particular piece in real life, it's best to avoid packing it because the chance of it staying at the bottom of the suitcase and returning home wrinkled is high.

    It is very common that you buy new clothes during the trip, especially for destinations abroad, so calculate that space in the suitcase. Ideally, you should pack fewer clothes and take the opportunity to renew your wardrobe! The same applies to beauty and hygiene products such as creams, perfumes, and makeup. Even if you love perfumes, take only one. If you are going to buy one abroad, don't take any.

    In fact, basic hygiene items such as soap, shampoo, and conditioner are provided in the accommodations, so you don't need to bring them. 4 or 5-star hotels even offer other personal items such as slippers or bathrobes, so it's always good to check what options are included in your daily rate so you don't have to bring something that won't be used.

    It is also important to always check which items can be carried in carry-on luggage and which ones must be checked in. Consult the airline of your flight to be sure which items will be prohibited and allowed. Read more articles from the blog: Foolproof tips for packing carry-on luggage.

    3. How to pack a 23kg suitcase - ELIMINATE ALL UNNECESSARY VOLUME

      Every piece of clothing has tags and even anti-theft alarms. I suggest you remove these items so that you can save a few grams in the overall weight and avoid possible issues with metal detectors and similar equipment. Before removing the tag, don't forget to try on the item to make sure it fits properly. Hangers are also unnecessary since you can use them in hotels.

      Electronic devices usually come in boxes with manuals. Leave everything at home. You can search for manuals online and download them to your smartphone before the trip. In addition to saving weight and space, you will be characterizing the devices as used, avoiding a new charge of taxes in customs and borders, for example.

      4. How to pack a 23kg suitcase - WEIGHING THE LUGGAGE

        To ensure that there is no excess baggage, weigh your suitcase before boarding. Both at home and at the hotel, you can use normal bathroom scales to get an idea of the weight of your luggage. As we mentioned before, ideally, it should not reach the maximum weight on the outward journey, otherwise, you will not be able to bring back any souvenirs from the trip.

        5. How to pack a 23kg suitcase - THE RETURN

          It is not uncommon to come back with more items than we brought and it becomes harder to close the suitcase... In that case, there's nothing to do but eliminate the excess.

          If you brought your bathroom products, leave them behind. Large and heavy packages, even with little content, take up space and weigh a lot. If the suitcase is really problematic, also throw away the deodorant, brush, and toothpaste.

          If you want to take the risk, try to make these disposable items as accessible as possible so that you don't have to rummage through the suitcase to find them.

          Another factor that can add weight to the suitcase is the hotel "amenities." Resist the temptation to put them in the suitcase if space is tight. The value of these items will certainly be less than the excess baggage fee charged by the company!

          You can still relocate heavier items in your carry-on luggage since they are usually lighter and can handle the volume. Store bags are also useful for carrying those last-minute purchases or more delicate items that will travel with you. Read more articles on the blog: How does a flight's baggage system work?

          There you have it! Now that you know how to pack a 23kg suitcase, just board and enjoy the trip! Have a great trip! Check out our models here!